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Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • You have a great idea, but you can’t seem to figure out how or from where to find the money to launch your business.
  • You are ready to launch your business, but you don’t know which legal form is best for you.
  • You know that you need more money to start or grow your business, but you don’t know exactly how much or how to determine this amount.
  • You need funding, but are not sure whether you should borrow the money or look for investors with equity funding.
  • You are not sure how to prepare a presentation to request funding from a bank or an investor.
  • You have an innovative idea for a product, but you’re not sure how to protect it with a copyright, trademark, or patent.
  • You’re doing business, but you don’t have a business plan.
  • You have a business plan, but reality is turning out to be different from what you planned and anticipated.
  • Your Income Statement shows that your business is making a profit, but you can’t pay your bills (or withdraw a salary for yourself).
  • Radio stations, newspapers, and community organizations are hounding you for advertising dollars, but you aren’t sure how to proceed?
  • You need more customers, but you are not sure where to find them and how do you get them to choose you over the competition.
  • Your business is meandering along with no real vision or clear mission.
  • Your only strategy for competing with other businesses in your market is to lower your prices, but this isn’t working.

These represent only a handful of the challenges facing small business owners and entrepreneurs on a daily basis.  Starting, managing, and growing a small business should not be over-complicated, but rather it should be straightforward, challenging, but fun, and rewarding.  Unfortunately, life seems to intervene at every turn, and the reality of doing business is often obscure, tedious, and stressful.

However, if you can relate to any of the scenarios listed above, or if you simply feel fed up with struggling to keep your small business afloat day in and day out, then you’ve come to the right place!

We created Bizactually.com to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get “unstuck” and move forward confidently from wherever they currently stand with their business (no matter how bleak and hopeless the future may look) to where they need and desire to be.

 How exactly will we accomplish this?  

Through distilling over 40 years of Terry’s experience inside over 2,000 businesses and organizations in the U.S. and internationally (from start-ups to turnarounds) into articles, podcasts, and videos conveying precise and actionable advice, lessons, and examples for the benefit of all small business owners in need of honest assistance to reach their goals.

We will be hosting webinars as well as organizing live seminars and meet-ups on core small business topics that are key to the success of any small business.

Moreover, we will be developing full-fledged online courses, drawing from 30+ years of Terry’s experience creating and conducting business workshops for business owners as well as teaching capstone-level MBA courses at multiple universities.  These courses will cover topics essential to successfully launching and running a profitable business.

All of this will be designed to reach an international community of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  

Whether you are a seasoned small business owner or just starting out, Bizactually.com is a place for you to find practical, effective “what to do” and “how to do it” advice based on Terry’s own first-hand experience and from working with thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world over the years.

Let’s get started!