Phase III

Funding Your Business

Green and grey timeline illustrating Phase III of Launch Your Business in 11 Weeks online course

Limited enrollment to ensure maximum quality of individual feedback

Phase III

Funding Your Business

What to expect

  • Funding Presentation template with instructions and explanations
  • Learn how to create a compelling funding presentation based on your business plan
  • Create a compelling funding presentation with direct guidance and individualized feedback at each stage
  • Weekly group Google Hangout to address questions and to help keep you on track
  • 24/7 email access to us with same-day response
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  • Completion of Phase I & Phase II of Launch Your Business in 11 Weeks

  • Plenty of energy, enthusiasm, and determination


From my experience working with thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs, almost nobody on their own goes through the process of meticulously preparing a presentation (based on their business plan) to seek funding from investors and lenders.  The result, of course, is that they too often fail to gain the funding they need to launch and grow their business.  

No matter whether you are seeking funding from family/friends, banks, or outside investors (angel capital, venture capital, crowdfunding, etc.), you will need to answer these four basic questions in addition to many others:

  • How much money do you need?
  • Why should anyone invest their money in your business?
  • What do they stand to gain by investing in your business?
  • How and when can they get their money back?

In Phase II of Launch Your Business in 11 Weeks, you developed a full-fledged business plan complete with financial projections.  In Phase III you will create a compelling presentation based on your business plan that you can bring straight to the bank or to potential investors for funding.  I (Terry Cornelison) will provide you with a template to use as a guide that will walk you through each section of your presentation indicating exactly how to integrate crucial information from your business plan.  You will then create a 15-minute video of your presentation that we will use as the basis for our work together during the remainder of Phase III. This video will simulate the experience of presenting live to real investors and lenders and will enable me to offer you feedback on your presentation style and technique.  No special equipment or technical skills will be required–all you will need is your computer’s built-in microphone, webcam, and video-recording software.  

Over the course of three weeks, I will coach you through the development of your oral presentation providing you with detailed feedback and advice on what changes to make (and why) as you refine and perfect it.  I will also coach you on how to deliver your presentation effectively and persuasively. At the conclusion of Phase III, you will have completed Launch Your Business in 11 Weeks with a strong business plan and a compelling presentation for seeking funding from investors and lenders.


  • I will host a Google Hangout to welcome and introduce all students to this third phase of my 1-on-1 coaching program.  I will outline what we will be doing each week and establish expectations for this phase. Finally, you will be able to ask me any questions you might have at this point.
  • You will email me a copy of your completed Business Plan with any changes or modifications you have made since receiving my final feedback on your Business Plan from Week 8.  We will use your completed Business Plan to create your funding presentation.
  • You may want to start getting familiar with the video-recording software pre-installed on your computer by recording a few short test runs (I will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to do this).  Have some fun with it!
  • I will email you my presentation outline complete with instructions for each section–this outline follows the format of your Business Plan and has been used by hundreds of my clients and students for their own funding presentations.
  • Using this outline you will create and record a first run-through of your presentation and email it to me for review.
  • I will watch your video, make notes on your initial presentation, and email you my comments and suggested revisions.
  • We will begin the week with a Google Hangout where we can discuss your progress and talk about what to expect for this second week.  You will be able to ask any questions, get clarifications as needed, and share any thoughts or concerns you might have.
  • You will record a revised version of your presentation based on my feedback from Week 1 and email it to me for review.
  • I will review your revised presentation video and email you my comments and suggested revisions.
  • We will open this final week with a group Google Hangout to discuss your progress and talk through any challenges you may be having.
  • Based on my Week 2 feedback, you will make any last changes to your funding presentation, record your final presentation video, and send it to me for review. 
  • I will review your final video presentation and email you any last comments and suggestions.
  • You will then be able to modify and finalize your presentation based on my feedback.
  • However, if you feel the need to add any final touches to your presentation before presenting live, I would like to offer you a bonus round of revisions and personalized feedback at no additional cost.  After all, my goal for this three-week program is for you to feel comfortable taking your presentation straight to investors and lenders.
  • Congratulations, you did it!  You now have a compelling presentation to use when you are ready to request funding for your business from investors and lenders.
  • I will send you a wrap-up email to make sure that you feel confident in your final presentation and to invite you to keep in touch–I would love to hear how it goes when you actually present to an audience. 

Limited enrollment to ensure maximum quality of individual feedback.

Additional phases

See Phase I & Phase II again

Limited enrollment to ensure maximum quality of individual feedback

Phase I

Testing the Feasibility of Your Business Idea

Phase II

Building Your Business Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all.  Recording yourself presenting to an imaginary panel of investors/lenders will allow me to offer you specific advice regarding the style and content of your presentation.  However, you can easily accomplish this using your computer’s built-in webcam and microphone as well as its free, pre-installed video-recording software. Don’t worry if this sounds intimidating–it’s actually very simple, and I will provide you with complete instructions.  Note that this is not a course on how to shoot and edit high quality video. If your goal is to seek funding from Crowdfunding and you need to create a professional-grade video, I will recommend affordable options for software and hardware to help you in this endeavor. However, you will have to learn how to use this equipment and software on your own.

Since Launch Your Business in 11 Weeks combines individual coursework with personal guidance and feedback, this is not your typical online course.  Once you have enrolled in a phase, I will reach out to you via email to set up a 1-on-1 Google Hangout during which I will introduce myself, explain the objectives and timeline for that phase, and discuss your initial business idea or current progress in my course.  From there I will send you the relevant course materials and instructions necessary for accomplishing each week’s tasks, and we will proceed through my course following the Timeline.  

Your computer, an email account, software for editing documents and spreadsheets (Microsoft Office or Google Docs and Google Sheets), along with plenty of energy and determination.

While I cannot guarantee that your business will succeed in the marketplace, that is what we will be striving for throughout this course.  At any rate, a large part of the value in going through Launch Your Business in 11 Weeks from beginning to end is that you will be receiving the same training and feedback offered to graduate students enrolled in an accredited MBA program.  The skills you will learn in each phase are invaluable for operating your business strategically and efficiently and will enable you to confidently proceed in developing your current business idea as well as any future idea you might have.

Although you should strive to follow the Timeline as closely as possible (so that you can launch your business without delay), I understand that sometimes life can get in the way.  My goal is to help you prepare your business for a successful launch, so in the event that you fall behind schedule in completing the weekly tasks, I will work with you to get back on track and on pace to completing my course as swiftly as possible.

If you need help with something related to this course, please contact me right away at–I will respond within 24 hours (but probably far sooner).

I will do everything in my power to accommodate your schedule when selecting a time for the weekly group Google Hangout.  However, if for any reason you are ultimately unable to attend, I will email you a recording of any session you miss. I will also be available 24/7 via email to answer any questions you might have (I will always respond to your emails within 24 hours).

Of course, I hope and believe that you will gain great value from working together with me.  However, if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with this program for any reason, I will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

Limited enrollment to ensure maximum quality of individual feedback