Mircea Cornelison


Mircea Cornelison sitting in a chair wearing a suit and silver tie


My name is Mircea Cornelison, and I co-founded BizActually with my father, Terry, for the adventure of building a business from the ground up.  However, my journey to business and entrepreneurship has been all but traditional.

As a junior in high school, I built an online affiliate marketing company reviewing, analyzing, and recommending test prep materials for the SAT.  Throughout this project, I worked closely with advisors at the Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) as I researched my industry, met with professionals and potential customers, developed a business plan complete with financial projections, created a website, and launched a social media marketing campaign. 

Although I knew I would choose to continue in business and entrepreneurship after high school, I also wanted to explore my other passions in mathematics and philosophy.

At St. Olaf College, I pursued both through double majoring in mathematics and philosophy, all the while intending somehow to leverage the skills I was developing in analysis and abstract thinking in the business world.  I found the prospect of launching and operating my own business ventures, with all their concomitant challenges and triumphs, extremely exciting and liberating. 

So, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2018, I moved to Los Angeles to help a close friend launch his litigation finance tech startup.  Alongside a few other fledgling companies, we were working to create an online platform connecting day traders with litigants in need of external funding.  Over the course of several months, we extensively researched our industry, interviewed attorneys, litigation finance experts, and potential customers; we refined our value proposition, began to develop a business plan, and collaborated with several potential advisors and investors.  Ultimately, we chose not to launch a company, and I partnered with my father to create BizActually.

The experience I gained in Los Angeles from researching and developing a business concept along with the experience I have gained thus far in building BizActually has been invaluable in my personal development as an entrepreneur.  With my father, I intend to continue growing BizActually before eventually pursuing an MBA.

My role in BizActually entails everything from researching and writing our business plan, to designing our website, assisting my father in creating and producing our online courses, maintaining our blog and podcast, and communicating with our followers and customers.  I look forward to helping other small business owners and entrepreneurs develop the skills necessary for successfully growing and operating their business as I learn and master those same skills.


Mircea Cornelison