Testimonials 🌟

What Former Clients & MBA Students
Are Saying About Terry Cornelison

T Jay Clevenger, Owner

Paradise Creek Bicycles

“In my first year, Terry and I sat down and worked through several core ideas like accounting, inventory control, marketing, and employee management. We found solutions that were specific to my business…” His knowledge of available resources has been amazing. After more than a decade of economic collapses, a pandemic, and several flooding/wildfire years, my competition has changed but I am still in business and using the strategies Terry and I set into action years ago. Thanks Terry!”

Mitchell Tang, MBA

Doctoral Student at Harvard Business School

“It was such a privilege to work alongside and learn from someone like Terry at such an early stage. It was a formative experience that put me on my current path: from my undergraduate studies at Wharton to 4 years as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, one of the leading global consulting firms, to my current studies at Harvard Business School.””

Carolyn Suffield, Owner

Carolyn’s Cafe

“His guidance was priceless and Terry was so easy to work with, he really put us at ease about our ideas of what would work or would be better done another way.”

Prasanna Surakanti, MBA


“He emphasized the need for agile ongoing feedback instead of waiting till the end, to find that there is no product-market fit.”

Ajay Kumar Gopal, MBA

Commercial MedTech Leader

“I remember Terry drawing on his real world experiences and being extremely insightful and honest about the hurdles I may encounter which gave me pause and time to pivot with some of my assumptions. Ultimately, this assured me a greater degree of success in my endeavor.

Catherine A. Smith, MBA, PhD

Data Science & Research Analyst

“In 2017, I completed Terry’s International Strategic Management course as part of my MBA at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Terry’s course was very high-quality experiential learning in international strategy. The content was easy to go to market with, and Terry was great to work with.

Mehran M., MBA

PMP & Technical Program Manager

“Terry is a true leader with a great deal of business and management acumen.  Throughout the Washington State MBA Capstone Course, his guidance and detailed feedback provided students with the deeper insight and understanding necessary for greater success in our businesses and careers.”

Melissa Finn, MBA

Marketing Professional

“I recently completed my MBA and one of the highlights of my Capstone project was one of my professors, Terry Cornelison. He was great to work with, always providing great feedback and advice as we worked through our business development plan.

Daniel Sotoamaya, MBA

Ecommerce/Marketing Manager

“It was great working with Terry during the Executive MBA program at Washington State University. Terry provided credible and excellent guidance and feedback in developing a business idea.

Kairav Joshi, Founder & CEO

Chess University, Inc.

“Terry Cornelison’s business insight was very valuable to me as a young entrepreneur!”

DIY Startup Bootcamp

100% Free — build your business on your own schedule with 20+ modules, action steps, and recommended tools & resources. No experience required.

DIY Startup Bootcamp

100% Free — build your business on your own schedule with 20+ modules, action steps, and recommended tools & resources. No experience required.